House Rules’ Claire and Hagan’s shock confession

The popular couple reveal they struggled to get through the show with their engagement intact

It’s become clear over the first five weeks of House Rules that the show has taken the biggest toll on Claire and Hagan’s relationship.

The engaged couple admit to New Idea that their constant arguing was by far the most difficult part of the show along with missing their two daughters Matilda, four, and Darcy, two.

‘We fight all the time,’ Hagan says.

‘People will really relate to us, I think. We will scream and yell at each other but then two minutes later, we’re fine.

‘We’re both very passionate and always want to get our points across and always think we’re right.’

While some fans have questioned if the couple’s relationship could be on the rocks with all their fighting, Claire and Hagan say it’s business as usual for them!

‘We are a realistic couple, we love our arguments,’ Claire reasons.

(Supplied: Seven)

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