Everything alright? Home & Away’s Lynne McGranger breaks down in new pictures

We hope she's okay!
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Lynne McGranger is beloved across Australia for her 26 years (and counting) of service on the nation’s favourite soap, Home & Away.

But worrying new photos have emerged showing the actress looking distraught and shaken.

In pictures exclusively obtained by New Idea, Lynne – who plays Irene Roberts on the long-running Channel 7 staple – can be seen breaking down to co-star Emily Symons on set at Sydney’s Palm Beach.

Lynne McGranger
(Credit: Matrix Pictures)

The scenes, which were filmed on February 19, look set to make for dramatic viewing with the TV star holding her head in her hand and showing visible distress etched across her face.

Lynne McGranger
(Credit: Matrix Pictures)

WATCH this video to see Lynne’s co-stars Tim Franklin and Sarah Roberts spill the juice about the upcoming season of Home & Away!

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Lynne has played the character of Irene for almost 26 years, and last year revealed she has no plans to quit any time soon.

The 66-year-old told News.com.au: “As long as I have the energy, fitness, memory and enthusiasm, and the love for it, I’ll stay as long as they’ll have me.”

In June 2018, the age-defying actress revealed she had got a second tattoo at the age of 65.

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