Remembering John Farnham’s stint on Home and Away

The good old days!
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He’s best known as one of the country’s most legendary rockers, but did you know that John Farnham also once starred in Home and Away?

WATCH: John Farnham stars on Home and Away

That’s right – back in 1998, the ‘You’re The Voice’ singer featured in two back-to-back episodes of Home and Away!

The episode in question saw Sally win tickets to a John Farnham concert, though she is forced to miss the show after getting chickenpox. Bobby and Frank go instead and manage to meet John backstage, where they tell him about Sally.

Being the trooper he is, John, of course, agrees to come to The Bay and perform for young Sally.

(Credit: Home & Away/Instagram)

“The next day he arrived in the bay and gave an impromptu concert for Sally. He was recruited by Pippa to help local nutter Walter Bertram be accepted in society and appeared in the paper shaking Walter’s hand. He departed Summer Bay, his good work done,” an episode synopsis on Back to the Bay read.

Years later, the Home and Away official Instagram page shared a behind-the-scenes snap of Farnham and Richie, which quickly sent fans into meltdown. 

“Sally was pretty stoked when this familiar face rocked up in the Bay!” they posted alongside the throwback image. 

Viewers took to the comments to reminisce on the golden days of the soap, with one writing, “Nothing like the good old days! Bring back familiar faces original cast please!”

john farnham
John appeared in two episodes in 1988. (Credit: Seven)

“Wow, that’s memorable. Sally and John. What a memory for you, Kate Ritchie,” commented another. 

“My favourite episode,” wrote a third fan. 

Farnham has made headlines in recent days after revealing he had been diagnosed with mouth cancer.

On Wednesday, his family released a statement saying the singer is currently stable after undergoing a marathon 12-hour surgery on Tuesday to remove a tumour located in his mouth.

The surgery, which was carried out by 26 medical staff, also saw a major part of the 72-year-old’s jaw removed, leading to doubt that Farnham would ever perform again.

The singer’s family revealed his surgery was “successful”. (Credit: Getty)

Entertainment Reporter Peter Ford revealed there had been uncertainty as to whether Farnham would return to the stage even before his cancer diagnosis, explaining that it was even less likely now that he had undergone surgery.

“Certainly now you have to say there’s even a lesser chance (of him performing),” Ford told 6PR on Wednesday.

He went on to say that there had been “two parts” to the complicated surgery.

“The first was the removal of the tumour, the second was a reconstructive surgery because John has had part of his jaw removed,” Ford explained.

It has since been revealed that Farnham will remain in hospital for “weeks” as he learns to chew and swallow again.

WATCH: John Farnham performs You’re the Voice

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Sydney 2GB host Ben Fordham gave the update on Farnham’s recovery on his show on Thursday. 

“Doctors may have to insert a tube into his windpipe as part of his recovery, he’ll need a feeding tube and he’ll need rehab to help him chew and swallow again, he’ll spend weeks in hospital recovering,” Fordham explained.

John’s son Rob has since released a statement thanking fans for their support, as well as the medical professionals treating his father. 

“It’s been a tough couple of weeks,” Rob said in a Facebook post.

“We are very proud of Dad, he is strong and will smash this. Dad and the family are feeling the love from everyone. The support from friends, family, Australia and OS [overseas] has been massive.

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