Ex Home & Away star Pia Miller shares bikini shot amid break up rumours

Putting the speculation to rest!

Pia Miller stunned in a bikini as she shared a picture of herself enjoying the Sydney summer with her fans. 

The former Home & Away star had her head thrown back as she sat on a boat and the wind blew back her hair. 

The 35-year-old was recently rumoured to have broken up with her fiance Tyson Miller, yet last week she was spotted out and about with her beau on Bondi Beach wearing another stunning bikini.  

Tyson was spotted taking pictures of his stunning wife-to-be as she sat by the pool. 

(Credit: Pia Miller/Insatgram)

The mother-of-two is known for her incredible physique and is frequently praised for her svelte figure. 

Sharing her day on the plate with Women’s Health, the Chilean beauty still enjoys her food. 

(Credit: Pia Miller/Instagram)

I make this yummy gourmet porridge, which I bring to set. Fruit, coconut flakes, almonds, water and a little bit of macadamia milk. I just chop everything into it,” she told the publication. 

“That carries me through till lunch, then I’ll go to a local cafe and get a salad. We also have afternoon tea on set, where they bring out healthy options – celery and carrot sticks, dips, pitas – and I might snack on a piece of chocolate. Then when I get home, dinner always depends on what the boys feel like. Usually it’s Mexican.” 

In terms of Pia’s fitness approach she does a mixture of swimming and Yoga. 

“I used to do high-intensity training with a trainer but I just don’t have that time anymore, so I kick the footy with my boys and run around with them. We love the beach so we’re often swimming and playing in the water.

“I love going to yoga, too, but I can’t as much as I’d like so I’ve put a yoga mat in my dressing room. It’s just important to keep moving. I don’t exercise necessarily to look a certain way, but to feel a certain way. The more I do, the better and more energised I feel – I get tired at the appropriate times, I want to sleep at the appropriate time… my body starts responding accordingly.”

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