Shock video: Home and Away star Orpheus Pledger strips on Instagram

So saucy!
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Home and Away fans have never seen Orpheus Pledger quite like this. 

WATCH: Former Home and Away star Orpheus Pledger performs a strip tease

The actor, who played Summer Bay’s Mason Morgan for more than three years, stunned his Instagram followers when he posted risqué footage of himself performing a sexy striptease in a California hotel room. 

He’d been dared to perform the Magic Mike-style dance by his model girlfriend Bella Rodgers as part of the SERVD card game – and Orpheus duly obliged. 

In the video (watch it above!), the hunky 26-year-old can be seen standing in a doorway of his Palm Springs hotel room, where he starts with a sexy sway before the strip. 

So saucy! (Credit: Instagram )
He thrilled fans with his moves (Credit: Instagram )

Orpheus then moves into the bedroom while swirling his hips and then giving fans a peek under his black singlet where he reveals his washboard abs.  

His gyrating continues as he removes his top to reveal his bulging physique.  

The star then went for a big finish, and moved his hands up and down his black jeans in a suggestive way with his trademark cheeky smile.

Orpheus played Mason Morgan on Home and Away (Credit: Channel 7)

Orpheus’s character Mason Morgan was killed off in the Home and Away season finale in 2019 when he was murdered by a gunman on the show during a siege at the hospital.

The actor took to Instagram after the scenes aired to reflect on his experience on Summer Bay. 

“Thanks to Home and Away for an amazing few years, it has been some of the best! Love to the cast/crew, & especially all the fans!” he captioned a behind-the-scenes snap. 


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