Is this the moment Sam Frost and Tim Franklin fell in love?

The Home and Away stars are rumoured to be the show’s newest golden couple.
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The chemistry between Home and Away stars Sam Frost and Tim Franklin has always been off the charts.

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And now, speculation is rife the genetically-blessed pair are together in real life following the ex-Bachelorette star’s split from long-time beau Dave Bashford earlier this year.

An insider told Woman’s Day the duo are “obsessed with each other” and have been secretly dating for months.

But has a romance always been written in the stars for the seemingly smitten pair?

Sam Frost Tim Franklin
Speculation is rife that Home and Away co-stars Sam Frost and Tim Franklin are dating in real life. (Credit: Instagram)

A resurfaced interview with New Idea in 2018 shows clues that there may have been a spark between Sam and Tim right from the very beginning.

Sam and Tim both joined Home and Away in August 2017, and their characters Jasmine and Colby shared an on-screen romance soon after.

“We became really good friends, really quickly,” Sam told New Idea of their instant connection.

Sam recalled her thoughts on their first scene together, telling, “I remember thinking: ‘We’re going to be hooking up soon, that’s weird.’”

Sam Frost Tim Franklin
“I remember thinking: ‘We’re going to be hooking up soon, that’s weird.’” Sam says of their first meeting. (Credit: Jason Ireace/ New Idea)

Tim also looked back on their first meeting fondly – even if he can’t recollect the details.

“I was too nervous to really register the first time we met,” he admitted.

“But once we started working together and finding our feet, it was so good. [Sam was] my first on-screen kiss!”

Sam Frost Tim Franklin
Tim admits he was “too nervous to really register the first time we met”. (Credit: Instagram)

Sam and Tim wouldn’t be the first Home and Away stars to find love on set.

Stories of lasting romance litter Summer Bay’s history books. James Stewart and Sarah Roberts, Luke Mitchell and Rebecca Breeds as well as Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman are just some of the couples who have found happy endings after starring together on the show.

In 2018, Jake Ryan who played Sam Frost’s on-screen husband Robbo, commented on this phenomenon.

“I think you get that [romances between co-stars] on any show really – there’s always people. Maybe it’s just the nature of the beast there,” he explained.

“When you get paired up with someone, you get paired up with them and spend a lot of time with them.”

Sam Frost TIm Franklin Home and Away
The pair’s chemistry is sizzling on screen. (Credit: Channel Seven)

While Jake personally hadn’t fallen in love with any of his Home and Away co-stars, he did acknowledge how easily it could happen, adding, “I don’t think you have any control over that really. If the spark’s there, it’s there.”

Earlier this month, Sam finally confirmed she and Dave had gone their separate ways after months of speculation they were over.

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