JUST IN: Home and Away star Pia Miller flaunts new love in Paris

The former Summer Bay resident is loved up in the French sunshine
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Former Home and Away actress Pia Miller has sparked speculation she’s found love with a new man, after she uploaded a photograph of herself with a mystery companion in Paris, accompanied by a tell-tale caption.


Posting the images of herself under the Eiffel Tower, the actress is seen in one frame with an unknown hunk, whose face is not clear enough to definitively identify. The images are captioned, ‘Oh Paris Paris 🇫🇷 the city of lights – I’m in love.’

The Pantene ambassador appears to have recently caught the attention of Belgium superstar Matthias Schoenaerts. Is it him? There appears to be a certain passing resemblance!

Whether or not Pia is talking about loving the famously romantic city, or something a little more personal, the 41-year-old hunk has been interacting with Pia on Instagram quite a bit of late, with Pia commenting on his posts.

In one interaction he says, “agapi mou” which means my love!

The 35-year-old ended her relationship with Tyson Mullane, 30, earlier this year, has recently been gifting fans some fun pictures from her recent break in Kastellorizo in Greece.

(Credit: Instagrm)

In April The Daily Telegraph reported that the pair’s engagement to Tyson was off. 

The former couple have a son, Lennox, 12, and Pia has another son, Isaiah, 16, from a prior relationship.

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