Nicholas Cartwright’s cheeky dig at Home & Away newcomer Harley Bonner

"I’m not jealous."
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It was only last month the cast of Home And Away were taking to their social platforms to welcome Summer Bay’s newest resident, Nicholas Cartwright, aka Officer Cash.

Now, the actor is paying it forward, albeit with a much cheekier approach, sharing a message about the show’s latest arrival: Harley Bonner.

WATCH: Home And Away mid-season return trailer

In case you missed it, Home And Away is currently on a mid-season break as the Tokyo Olympics dominate our screens.

Fans were left with a shocking cliff hanger literally leaving the lives of three favourites – Dean, Nikau and Mia – hanging in the balance, or in this case, in a car teetering on the edge of a sheer drop.

Following the mid-season finale, Seven dropped a tantalising teaser for the show’s return which finally gave fans a look at Harley’s arrival as Dr. Logan Bennett, the man who will hopefully save the trio’s lives.

Dr Logan to the rescue. (Credit: Seven)

Sharing the trailer to his Instagram page Nicholas welcomed Harley as well as fellow newbie Jacqui Purvis, with somewhat of a cheeky dig.

“A few new faces in the Bay when we get back,” Nick began.

“Also lowkey can’t believe Harley got to come in on a helicopter I’m not jealous whatever I take it in stride and I will move on it’s just I didn’t get a helicopter but whatever,” he hilariously penned.

Nicholas may be slightly jealous of Harley’s entrance. (Credit: Seven)

It seems some friendly banter is the customary way to welcome a co-star to set, that is if Nicholas’ initiation was anything to go by.

The first Home and Away actor to ring in Nicholas’ arrival was Ethan Browne, who he already knew after they became good pals at prestigious drama school, NIDA.

“Thought I had rid myself of this guy after putting up with him for three years at drama school…now I gotta do more time with him at work ffs 😩 😂 🤙🏽…” Ethan quipped in the caption, which was accompanied with some candid photos and videos of them joking about.

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