Home and Away shock: Will Colby escape Ebony’s house of horrors?

Will he make it out?

After luring him to her house, Ebony has Colby right where she wants him – the two have been playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse for weeks now.

Ebony (Cariba Heine) is out for revenge on Colby (Tim Franklin), after he was forced to shoot her brother Boyd (Steve Le Marquand) to defend Dean (Patrick O’Connor).

In last week’s episodes, Ebony sent messages to Colby claiming to be his missing sister Bella.

Tracing the messages back to Ebony, Colby was determined to catch the Summer Bay villain in action.

The police officer arrives at the mysterious house to discover a room plastered with Bella’s missing posters. In Monday’s dramatic episode, he finds himself trapped in the room. When it becomes clear that there’s no way to escape, he’s forced to come up with a plan B. Colby attempts to disarm Ebony by calling her real name, Lisa.


He tells her that if she lets him go, she won’t be blamed for Hazel’s (Genevieve Lemon) death, given how poorly her mother had treated her. It almost works, until he inadvertently brings up Boyd’s death. Ebony then flies into a rage, pouring petrol under the door.

As a desperate Colby tries to escape, Robbo (Jake Ryan) has been listening to the horrifying ordeal the whole time – having called him. Unable to stop him from going to the address, Robbo asked Colby to stay on the line so he could record what was happening.

Just as Ebony is about to light the petrol, Robbo arrives and attempts to talk her down. Feeling betrayed by Robbo and blaming him for her mother’s death, Ebony snaps and drops the Zippo lighter she was holding.

Will the place go up in flames?

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