Cameron Daddo calls for his Home And Away return in cheeky comment

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Earlier this year iconic Home And Away character Roo Stewart had one of her biggest romantic story lines in a long time.

It was quite the doozy – both the romance and the storyline – and as a result, left quite the impression on fans and the actors involved: Georgie Parker and Cameron Daddo.

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For those who don’t recall Roo fell for Evan, Ryder’s real father, before he tragically passed away only for his secret twin brother, Owen (also played by Cameron), to then show up in Summer Bay soon after.

It was truly glorious classic soap drama.

Despite Owen and Roo falling for one another, the couple decided to part ways and Cam left the show.

Now, Cameron is calling for Owen’s return.

Taking to Instagram Georgie shared a throwback photo with Cam and the 56-year-old quickly responded sharing his hopes for Owen to come back to the fictional town.

“Back in ye olde days when Roo dated 👵🏼💜💜. Happy Friday with beautiful @camerondaddo 🌺,” Georgie captioned.

Cam then commented: “Put that fella Owen back on coach… he’s been in LOVE training… he’s ready to go! 🏌️‍♂️❤️.”

Cam shared this telling clue earlier in the year. (Credit: Instagram)

In a resurfaced Instagram post that was shared after Cameron’s second exit from the show, the actor dropped a very telling hint his stint may not be over just yet.

“Surfing somewhere in the coast of Australia…” he wrote, before teasing: “I’ll be back!”

There’s hope for fans yet!

Cameron and Georgie were friends before the show. (Credit: Instagram)

In an interview with WHO last year, Cameron admitted that his close friendship with Georgie was one of the reasons he originally decided to sign up for the gig.

“Georgie Parker and I worked together on a show called Scorched a few years ago and became friends from that,” he said.

 “So the opportunity to work with her again was really exciting. This is what it’s about; it’s about going to work and enjoying doing the work with people that I know who are really good – so it was a bit of a no-brainer.”

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