Home and Away’s Anna Cocquerel reveals her favorite body feature

And it's not what you would expect
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With her long limbs and doe eyes, Home and Away star Anna Cocquerel, 17, has many features that would make most jealous.

But, when it comes to her favourite feature, the answer might surprise you.

“I like my height,” she reveals to New Idea. “It’s fun – I can always reach the cookies on the top shelf!”

Home and away
Anna (right) relaxes by the pool with her co-star, Oliva Deeble.

Even though she loves to dip into the cookie jar, when it comes to Anna’s typical day on a plate, she keeps it pretty healthy.

“Breakfast might be a poached egg with avocado on rice crackers,” she says.

“For lunch, I might have sushi – teriyaki chicken and avocado is my favourite – and dinner will be whatever mum’s cooking!” she laughs.  


“Last night, we had salmon with some salad, potatoes and also bread. We’re French, so we have a lot of bread!”

It’s clear that Anna has a very balanced approach when it comes to her health and fitness.

“Everything in moderation,” she says. “Eat healthily, but make sure you also have those cheeky snacks every now and then.”

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