Amazing pics: You’ve never seen Pink like this before

The singer is pictured wearing a memorable pair of tights
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Singer Pink always seems like an otherworldly figure on stage – soaring above the crowds in her high wire Beautiful Trauma act, or commanding audiences with her roaring string of power pop hits. Whether she’s on MTV or the Grammy Awards, or being Australia’s favourite pop star – she seems made for the spotlight. 

WATCH: Pink is in couples therapy with husband Carey

From Sydney to New York to Hollywood, Pink – also known as P!nk or just Alecia Moore – is the star of the moment. But the American singer, who has eclipsed such rivals as Katy Perry, has another side – her down side.

And that was on display as she visited Glasgow, Scotland, with the star photographed in a wacky – but comfortable – pair of leggings and a hair-covering turban.

Looking less than thrilled to be signing autographs for a fan after retreating to a waiting people carrier, the singer was sporting a pair of striped metallic bottoms that hugged her trademark figure.

‘Pink has been touring non-stop, so it’s no surprise that she might be a bit grumpy,’ says a source.

(Credit: Backgrid)
(Credit: Backgrid)

‘She also obviously likes to be comfortable when she’s offstage, but no track pants for her – those leggings were something else.’

There was no sign of husband Carey Hart, who stars in the video for her new song, 90 Days.

In the video the Funhouse star is also seen dancing romantically with her husband,, and then later the couple are arguing at home in Los Angeles before she leaves to go on tour.

(Credit: Backgrid)

The raw clip gives an insight into her life on the road and the struggles of leaving her husband, and their children, daughter Willow, 8, and son Jameson Moon, 2, behind.

‘Carey and I have been in couples’ counselling almost our entire 17 years that we’ve been together,’ the hit songwriter has confessed in the past.

‘It’s the only reason we’re still together.’

The star recently admitted that she is considering more children, but it seems her husband isn’t quite there yet.

‘Am I done with kids?’ she said. ‘I will never be done with kids! Carey is done with kids.’

With Ms. Alecia Beth Moore’s tour dragging on, it remains to be seen what the she has planned next, once she’s off the road. Will it be a new album, or a new Pink baby?

Only time will tell! 

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