Grant Denyer shares heartbreaking photo showing extent of New South Wales’ drought

'It’s so sad right now.'

Grant Denyer has taken to social media to label the New South Wales drought as ‘situation critical’, pleading with his followers to think of the affects it has on struggling farmers. 

The former Family Feud host, who owns a 27-acre farm in Bathurst, posted a photo to Instagram showing the extremely dry conditions. 

Denyer wrote: ‘Situation critical.’

‘This is how dry it is at our place. My wife just took this photo of our backyard and paddocks,’ he continued. ‘So dry, the kangaroos are drinking out of our dog bowl. We’re lucky we don’t rely on the farm for income but so many in regional Australia do.

‘It’s so sad right now. In many places it’s the worst drought since records began.’


Denyer also touched on the issue of mental health which he said had ‘increased by 70 per cent’ in his region.

‘There’s not only a financial toll but also a mental and emotional one. Some families are at breaking point, unable to afford food & with no choice but to shoot their stock so they don’t starve & suffer a slow death. Mental health issues have risen 70% in our region & suicide by farmers is the most tragic consequence of such a drastic situation.

‘Farmers harvest our food and the materials for the clothes on our back…please think of them. We need them. They need us. That’s why we support.’ 

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit lifeline.org.au

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