Grant Denyer’s shock news for Chezzi

The popular host tells his 2DayFM co-stars.

Today on the 2DayFM Breakfast show with Em, Grant & Ed, Grant Denyer unveils his eight-year wedding anniversary present to his wife, Chezzi – and it’s seriously hilarious!

On radio this morning, Grant revealed that he had failed to buy his wife Cheryl an appropriate anniversary present. His fellow hosts then decided they’d create an idea for the Family Feud host, and the results are priceless. 

Grant participated in a ‘sexy cowboy’ photoshoot, and the final result was plastered on a billboard in Sydney.

In the hilarious pic, Grant is pictured wearing a pair of leather chaps, cow printed speedos and a cowboy hat. 

(Credit: 2DayFM)

Grant told his fellow hosts, ‘This started out as something I was going to do privately for my wife. I was going to just give her one-to-one without anybody else seeing or knowing about.

‘Just a gift from me to her.’ 

The breakfast team decided to unveil the billboard picture live on-air for Chezzi. 

The mummy blogger was asked over the phone to turn over an image of her husband, which was the picture the team had taken for their anniversary.

When Cheryl turned over the image, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Ed jokes, ‘That doesn’t sound like a supportive laugh.’ 

You can watch the hilarious video below: 

In case you missed it, Grant and Cheryl celebrated their 8-year anniversary last week with cute photo albums! 

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