Grant Denyer reveals living without internet improved his sex life

'You are so much more present.'

Grant Denyer has made a rather shocking announcement about his marriage to wife Cheryl this morning on 2DayFM’s Em, Grant and Ed radio show. 

It’s well-known that when the popular television and radio personality isn’t working he lives on a farm in country NSW with Cheryl and their two daughters – Sailor, 6 and Scout, 2. 

During a segment on the morning show, the Family Feud host explained the Bathurst home had only just been connected to the internet. 


The 40-year-old host then revealed that he misses not having it. 

‘You sleep better, 100 per cent better, because you are not scrolling like a poker machine at 11pm at night on your phone in bed,’ he explained.

‘All of a sudden, you are so much more present in your house with your kids being in the moment.’
Fellow host Ed then asked, ‘Has it helped marital relations?’ 
Grant cheekily replies, ‘Well hello…well yeah it totally has.’ 
Em Rusciano was quick to stop the conversation with, ‘I don’t want to know that!’ 

Sharing a photo of his TV being hooked up to Wi-Fi, Grant captioned: ‘U know u live in the sticks when u get this msg. We’ve had no internet for 3 years! THREE YEARS!! I know right?’ 

He added: ‘There goes my bohemian, off the grid, 1989 life. #internet.’  


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