Grant Denyer TERRIFIES fans after fire scare

"OMG Grant looks a bit scary in the background there."
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Grant Denyer has sent fans into a frenzy after sharing snaps of a nasty looking fire right in his backyard.

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As school holidays come to an end, it seems that the Denyer family was ready to end the break with a fun family bonfire.

Heading to his Instagram, Grant shared snaps of himself and his daughter Scout in front of a not-so-small fire. Despite the flames and smoke behind them, the pair had huge grins on their faces.

Thank you school holidays… you were lit 🔥 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 #bonfire,” the dad-of-three captioned his post.

Grant Denyer daughter fire
Grant Denyer’s latest Instagram post of a bonfire has terrified fans. (Credit: Instagram)

But while the Family Feud host seemed wrapped with the scene unfolding, Grant’s followers were not so blasé about the flames.

“This looks terrifying,” one fan wrote.

“Ummm there’s a fire behind you,” another penned.

“OMG Grant looks a bit scary in the background there,” a third added.

“Good Lord. Is @chezzidenyer aware of what’s unfolding???” another wrote. And so on.

Grant denyer Family Feud
Grant Denyer hosted Family Feud from 2014-2020. (Credit: Channel Ten)

The I’m A Celeb star was quick to quell his fans’ nerves.

“Just a small backyard bonfire.” he responded to the commenter who labelled the scene “terrifying”.

He went on to explain further in a subsequent comment, writing “A nice controlled bonfire. Huge cleanup for on our family farm. These were all dead trees and fallen limbs.”

Grant and Chezzi Denyer recently welcomed their third child, Sunday, into the world.

Grant Denyer Sunday
Grant and Chezzi Denyer welcomed their third child, Sunday, in February this year. (Credit: Instagram)

Taking to Instagram, proud mum Chezzi shared the first snap of her and Grant’s newest arrival.

“We are over-the-moon excited to announce the wonderful & safe arrival of our brand new baby girl, the spectacularly gorgeous Sunday Mary Mae Denyer,” she penned.

“I never thought my heart could feel so full! This has been the greatest week of my life. We never want to emerge from this beautiful baby bubble! It’s been the most wonderful feeling! Words cannot describe how in love we are right now.”

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