Grant Denyer makes grovelling apology for daughter’s birthday bash

"Let's never do this again"
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If there was ever any doubt in our minds that Grant Denyer was a fun dad, consider them well and truly quashed. The presenter has shared a glimpse into his eldest daughter Sailor’s 10th birthday party and, to quote the host himself, it looks “LIT AF”. 

And yet, despite our party envy, it’s safe to say the 43-year-old has some regrets about the birthday bash.

WATCH: Grant Denyer throws eldest daughter Sailor a 10th birthday bash

Grant and Chezzi Denyer are the proud parents of three adorable girls: Sailor, 10, Scout, five, and Sunday, three months. 

Their eldest daughter has recently celebrated reaching quite the milestone age – the big 1. 0. – and the parents have spared no expense when it comes to celebrating. 

On Monday 10th May, Grant shared footage from the aftermath of what looked like quite the wild party for Sailor. But while we’re sad we didn’t get an invite to what looked like a wild time, the presenter has issued an apology about the whole ordeal. 

sailor denyer 10th birthday
Grant Denyer had quite the boogie at Sailor’s birthday bash – so much so that the photos are ever so blurry. (Credit: Instagram)

In a clip posted to Grant’s Instagram on Monday, viewers were treated to an empty dance floor, save for the confetti covering the floor, balloons lining the carpet, and one understandably exhausted looking mum Chezzi Denyer holding her newborn Sunday. 

While the scenes suggested the party was winding down, things were only just heating up; Sailor’s guests hadn’t even arrived but Grant was ready to get the celebrations started as he picked up the birthday girl and twirled around the empty dance floor.

If you’re wondering just how much gusto Grant had when it came to his moves, the blurriness of the above photos should give you some indication. 

And it seems as though the I’m A Celeb star was just as energetic during the actual party itself as he wrote in his caption, “I’m sorry to every kid I accidentally knocked over all night.” 

We do, however, hate to break it to Sailor’s younger sisters that they might not be afforded the same type of shindig as, for Grant, one event was more than enough. “Hell of a party!!” he wrote, Let’s never do this again”.

denyer family
Grant and Chezzi Denyer share three kids – Sailor, 10, Scout, 5, and Sunday, three months. (Credit: Instagram)

Grant provided even more detail about what went down at the birthday bash and, it’s safe to say, it sounds like it was worth the inevitable post-party exhaustion. 

“Ensuring this 10th bday part is LIT AF 🔥” Grant started the post. “Dad is the ultimate hype man to get the D-floor pumpin’ and the club rats jumpin’. This guy parties 👉🏻🕺🏼👈🏻.”

He continued: “P.S this was 4:45pm and no one had arrived yet but the Cheezels had kicked in and they couldn’t stop this tornado 🌪.

“PPS about 15 mins after they arrived one kid spewed all over the presents. They couldn’t keep up, I was untouchable my friends. A force on the floor. You just don’t lose it.”

grant denyer sailor scout
Grant is a proud dad indeed. (Credit: Instagram)

The comments section was soon inundated with birthday wishes, laughing emojis and people deeming the Denyers a “fun family”. 

One even pointed out where Grant’s dancing skills may have come from. 

“You did learn some steps as host of DWTS (Dancing With The Stars)” they wrote. 

Even though Grant has some regrets, we’re sure Sailor will remember the birthday bash fondly for years to come.

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