BREAKING: Grant and Chezzi’s third baby is here!

The Denyers are officially a family of five.
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They say good things come in threes and we reckon Grant and Chezzi Denyer agree! The celebrity couple have officially welcomed their third child.

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Taking to Instagram, proud mum Chezzi shared the first snap of her and Grant’s newest arrival.

“We are over-the-moon excited to announce the wonderful & safe arrival of our brand new baby girl, the spectacularly gorgeous Sunday Mary Mae Denyer,” she penned.

“She was actually born on Wednesday the 10th but we’ve been keeping it our little family secret, until her sisters Sailor & Scout were allowed to meet her this morning, once hospital Covid rules were relaxed overnight.

Chezzi gushed over the couple’s new arrival as she continued the lengthy caption.

“Sunday is an angelic 3.24 kg / 7lb 2.5oz, feeding well and the apple of Daddy’s eye!” she added.

“She looks a lot like Sailor but mostly she looks like Daddy. Beautiful big blue eyes and lots of fair hair!

“I never thought my heart could feel so full! This has been the greatest week of my life. We never want to emerge from this beautiful baby bubble! It’s been the most wonderful feeling! Words cannot describe how in love we are right now.

“Promise to post more pics soon.. once we stop marvelling at her beauty I guess 💕”

Grant and Chezzi, who married in 2010, are already proud parents to Sailor, nine, and Scout, seven.

The proud dad has confessed that he’s scared of missing out on all the little moments and even said that his wife and children were instrumental in getting him through his former struggles with depression and prescription drugs.

In a chat with The Daily Telegraph, the Family Feud host said: “It was a time where I didn’t really give a s*** whether I lived or died. I felt like I had nothing to live for. That is the only thing that kept me going at my worst, the fact I had someone that loved me and depended on me, and I could not let her down and I think that is possibly the only thing that got me through.”

Grant and Chezzi are also parents to daughters Sailor and Scout. (Credit: Instagram)

This third pregnancy certainly wasn’t an easy one for Chezzi, who suffered from Hyperemesis gravidarum in the early stages – a severe form of morning sickness.

However the mum-of-three always kept things candid on social media and revealed she craved foods including baklava and sour worms.

“I heard Chrissy Teigen ate so many sour lollies she burnt her tongue – OUCH,” she revealed in September.

“I’m finding sucking on them helps give me a bit of energy and for some reason the sour taste I adore right now!”

Chezzi suffered from Hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancy. (Credit: Instagram)

Former Family Feud host Grant and his wife announced their pregnancy news back in August 2020 with an adorable video on Instagram that featured both Sailor and Scout.

“We have some exciting news….. coming 1 March 2021,” Grant and Chezzi both captioned the video, which shows their two girls sitting at a table with a toy doll.

“So, we have some news. Our mum is pregnant! And mum’s really sick. And she’s been resting for days,” the girls explained.

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