Grant & Chezzi’s emotional baby update

"Maybe it’s our age or perhaps it’s just how you feel with a 3rd child?!?."
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It’s been less than a week since Grant and Chezzi Denyer brought their newest family member home from the hospital. And now the proud parents have shared an emotional update about life with baby Sunday Mae. 

WATCH: Grant Denyer leaves hospital with his newborn

On Wednesday 10th February, TV presenter Grant Denyer and producer Chezzi Denyer welcomed their third child into the world.

Since then, the parents have been keeping their fans well and truly informed about their latest addition.  

From a raw snap from the hospital bed, the new bub’s first pic with older sisters Sailor, nine, and Scout, seven, to adorable footage of little Sunday being pushed out of the hospital by her race-car driver father, the Denyers sure know how to keep their fans in the loop.

Chezzi and Grant
Grant and Chezzi have shared an emotional update about life with a newborn. (Credit: Chezzi Denyer | Instagram)

But the beloved couple’s latest update was a bit less light-hearted and much more sleep-deprived-esque.

Heading to her Instagram account on Tuesday night, the mum-of-three shared a beautiful snap of her and hubby Grant. And, while they were all smiles, there was no denying their tired eyes.

We’re laughing because we forgot how little sleep you get with newborns…” Chezzi began the post. “But, we wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Maybe it’s our age or perhaps it’s just how you feel with a 3rd child?!?.. We’re loving and appreciating every single moment.. Even the 2 hourly feeds.

“And for all the grief she caused me while pregnant.. she’s absolutely making up for now. Sunday barely squeaks. She’s the most placid and perfect little baby. She’s just the biggest delight for our whole family.

“What a marvellous feeling.” 

Grant and Sunday
Father and daughter both slept soundly. (Credit: Chezzi Denyer | Instagram)

Since that very candid update, fans of the couple will be pleased to know that Grant, at least, has been able to take a kip.

Heading back to her Instagram this morning, Chezzi shared a sweet black and white snap of the host snuggled next to little Sunday, both of them sleeping safe and sound.

“My heart 🤍,” Chezzi captioned the adorable shot.

And fans were quick to point out the resemblance between father and daughter.

“There is no denying who her daddy is, that’s for sure.” one fan penned in the comments. “She even sleeps like him. I actually felt my ovaries bust at the cuteness of this picture ❤️”

Sailor, Scout and Sunday
Sisterly love! (Credit: Chezzi Denyer | Instagram)

Grant and Chezzi announced the arrival of the third daughter on Friday 12th February.

“We are over-the-moon excited to announce the wonderful & safe arrival of our brand new baby girl, the spectacularly gorgeous Sunday Mary Mae Denyer,” Chezzi penned.

“She was actually born on Wednesday the 10th but we’ve been keeping it our little family secret, until her sisters Sailor & Scout were allowed to meet her this morning, once hospital Covid rules were relaxed overnight.”

The proud parents even documented the moment when Sailor and Scout were introduced to their tiny sister – both posting identical pictures and captions.

In the sweet snap, Sailor and Scout are clad in their school uniforms – the latter only just having started big school – as they hold their baby sister, Sunday.

“The greatest day of our lives 💓 💓 💓” wrote husband and wife.

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