Grant Denyer reveals how often he and Chezzi have SEX – live on air!

Trouble in paradise?
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For most couples, the subject of sex and how often it happens is strictly confined to the four walls of the bedroom.

But it seems when you’re married to a controversial radio host like Grant Denyer, no topic is taboo.

The outspoken 2DayFM presenter opened his breakfast show with the candid confession that he and his wife of eight years, Chezzi, are not up to much between the sheets.

Grant and Cheryl Denyer attend the 58th Logies
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“There’s no love going down,” the disc jockey revealed to listeners, before making an even straighter shooting statement to co-hosts Ash London and Ed Kavalee.

“I ain’t getting no sex!

“We’re a long way from where we were, Mrs D and I,” he said sorrowfully.

Quizzed by his colleagues, Grant went on to reveal he and Chezzi are being intimate just once a month or one every three weeks at best.

Grant and Cheryl Denyer with daughters Sailor and Scout
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The long-term couple are parents to Sailor, 7, and Scout, 3, and Grant was quick to clarify the reason for their lacklustre performance.

The popular media personality left listeners in stitches with his account of his daughters “bursting in” on the couple during night time antics, as well as on him in the bathroom.

The couple are known for their cheeky and playful relationship, with Grant sweetly using John Mayer’s hit ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ to describe their love for one another.

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