Gogglebox’s Isabelle Silbery shows off new man


Gogglebox star Isabelle Silbery is officially off the market. 

The reality-TV star took to Instagram to introduce her new boyfriend Luke Gordon with some seriously loved up photos. 

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“Questioning your worth, taking a risk & letting someone into your heart as a single mum is NOT easy, let alone sharing that decision with other people!!,” she captioned the photos.    

“I’m officially stepping off the single escalator with this beautiful man who over the past four months has shown me how I can be truly loved.”

Isabelle added: “He’s not just super sexy but is caring…bringing sport to people living with intellectual disabilities.”


The mother-of-one recently opened up about discovering cancerous polyps in her bowel. 

“Eight months ago I was really sick in NY on a girls trip & put it down to gastro but in my gut (pardon pun). I knew something was up & chose not to ignore the symptoms,” she revealed on Instagram.

“Turns out, I needed to have two high-grade cancer polyps cut out of my bowel a few months ago…the doc said that if left any longer, it wouldn’t have been good.”


Isabelle said one said the cancer diagnosis was “unexpected” while urging her followers to not ignore the symptoms and go get checked. 

According to Bowel Cancer Australia, malignant polyps are growths in the wall of the bowel that can develop into a cancerous tumor if left undetected. 

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