Gogglebox’s newest and cutest addition is stealing the show

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While there’s no new Goggleboxers joining this season, the show’s youngest and most adorable cast member, Malik, is back alongside his dad and mum, Matty and Sarah Marie.

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And after an extravagant christening, the couple tell New Idea they’re happier than ever, and are making big plans for their future!

Plus, their best friend Jad sets rumours straight about his TV career and tells all on why he’s not a godfather to Malik.

They’re back! (Credit: Foxtel)

Malik is getting quite the fan base! Can viewers expect him to have his own solo spot one day?

Sarah Marie & Matty Last season, Malik burst out with his personality and has stolen the show! We get asked more about Malik than anything else – including Jad!

As Jad likes to say: “He is the heir to the chair.” So at some point he has his eyes firmly on Jad’s chair! He is a little star and expecting more of his personality to come out this season.

Like father like son. (Credit: Instagram)

You celebrated his christening recently. Jad, you didn’t get picked as godfather –how are you feeling about that?

Jad The christening was so good and great to see Malik and Sarah Marie and Matty’s family, and all our mutual friends together for such an important day, which means a lot to them.

His godfather is Matty’s brother, Kris, who lives in Dubai and couldn’t make it, so his friend stood in as proxy.

I’m happy to take a back seat, but will be equally as involved as long as they will have me around.

“He is the heir to the chair.” (Credit: Instagram)

Family life is very different from where you all first started. You met on the Sydney club scene – what’s your idea of a great night these days?

Matty Things have definitely changed since Jad and I were working in the clubbing scene in our early 20s. We have both partied out, probably more so Sarah and I.

A great night for us now is getting Malik to sleep on time nice and early, not having any work to do, and Sarah and I laying on the couch together, curled up, watching a movie or a TV show.

Jad and newborn Malik. (Credit: Instagram)

Jad, there’s been rumours about you joining I’m A Celeb and being the next Bachelor – what’s really going on?

Jad I am happy being on the couch at the moment with Sarah Marie, Matty and Malik. I love my food too much to be on I’m A Celeb, and as for The Bachelor, I have my mum and all my friends always on the look out for potential suitors … who knows in the future, but for now, the couch is where I am at.

Malik on his birthday. (Credit: Instagram)

Sarah Marie and Matty, what’s next for you?

Matty At the moment we are really focused on the launch of our business. Malik is only 14 months old and requires a fair bit of Sarah’s attention, and she is still feeding.

Sarah We absolutely do want to have another child, but at the moment there is no trying just yet … hopefully later this year.

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