Georgie Parker’s bizarre nickname for Home and Away co-star Ray Meagher

"His number is actually stored in my phone as that!”
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Judging by her endless Instagram snaps with her Home and Away co-stars, actress Georgie Parker, 55, is close friends with many of her colleagues.

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But it’s her relationship with on-screen father Alf Stewart, played by Ray Meagher, which fans really adore.

In a new interview with the UK’s Radio Times, Georgie admitted the close bond extends to real life, and revealed that the pair even have affectionate nicknames for one another.

Ray Meagher Georgie Parker
Home and Away’s Georgie Parker (right) revealed her nickname for her co-star Ray Meagher (left) is “YOF” which stands for “Your Other Father”. (Credit: Instagram)

“He is a terrific man. He calls me ‘Parker’ and I call him ‘YOF’ which stands for ‘Your Other Father’. His number is actually stored in my phone as that!” Georgie told the publication.

“Ray is a great storyteller, very generous and has a wicked sense of humour. I love him.”

“Alf has softened a bit, but he can still get riled up and give people what for. We need that kind of character on the show, you can’t have everyone holding hands and skipping off into the sunset!”

Georgie Parker Ray Meagher
Georgie plays Roo Stewart, the daughter of Ray’s character Alf. (Credit: Instagram)

The actress has racked up a decade playing Alf’s daughter on the beloved Channel Seven drama and on Monday, reflected on her favourite storylines over the years.

Of course, one of her best memories was a dramatic plot shared with Ray in 2018 when her character Roo got stuck in a sinkhole alongside Alf.

“The sinkhole episode, when Roo found out her mother was alive and well, was another huge one,” she told New Idea.

“At the time, we called it the ‘Pizza Oven’ set as we were literally filming in a semicircular hole and Ray was lying under a pretend piece of concrete.”

“But if you’re going to be stuck down a sinkhole, it may as well be with Ray! And it certainly made for great drama.”

Ray Meagher georgie Parker
“Ray is a great storyteller, very generous and has a wicked sense of humour. I love him,” Georgie gushed. (Credit: Instagram)

Georgie also shared another favourite of hers was Alf’s wedding day, which played out in 2020.

“The wedding of Alf and Martha – Roo’s parents – was beautiful,”  she said.

“It’s been really lovely for the audience to get to see Alf in a mature, intimate relationship with the mother of his daughter. And Belinda is so great at playing Martha – she’s just gorgeous.”

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