REVEALED: What Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight have been hiding

The duo gives fans a daggy surprise
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TODAY show duo Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight have been under a lot of scrutiny lately – but there’s one thing even their most devoted watchers wouldn’t have known, until this morning.

Amid plenty of drama surround the show – WATCH VIDEO BELOW – they still have time for some self-deprecating fun. 

With a cold snap hitting Sydney, the immaculately dressed duo are apparently resorting to desperate measures – ugg boots.

Georgie and Deborah modelled their warm but decidedly unglamorous footwear on the TODAY Show Instagram account, to the amusement of fans.


It’s a bit of light fun for the pair, amid ongoing ratings dramas on the show, and reports this week that newsreader Tom Steinfort will be moving to over to join them on the anchor desk from June 3. 

‘TODAY’s’s hosting duo Deb Knight and Georgie Gardner will effectively become a trio,’ the Australian newspaper claimed. 

‘Expect to see more of Steinfort in all facets of Today from now on, breaking up what viewers perceive to be a competitive dynamic between Gardner and Knight.’ 
Steve Jacobs is also a reported winner in the reshuffle, with the weather man expected to take on more screen time and a juicier role.

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