Fifi’s baby shock: the full truth about my pregnancy

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Fifi Box has opened up about her struggles with IVF.

The media personality – who is a mum to her five-year-old daughter, Beatrix ‘Trixie’ Belle, with ex-partner Grant Kenny – took to Instagram on Sunday to reveal her baby joy.

Speaking on The Project, the 41-year-old got emotional and she discussed being pregnant.


‘I was given a seven per cent chance of having a baby, so it’s still a bit of a shock for me, it’s still sinking in but we’re just really thrilled,’ she revealed.


Fifi also revealed that she was shown a graph that highlighted the possibilities of her falling pregnant.

‘[The graph] gives you a very rude shock about your chances,’ she added.

‘From then on it was a case of fingers crossed, and I had my eggs retrieved and all of this is happening,’ Fifi added.

The radio presenter added: ‘This is really exciting news for me and (daughter) Trixie obviously, our little family. It’s just so good to be able to talk about it because it’s been a really private journey.’

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