Farmer Wants A Wife’s Rachael on the TRUTH about that Andrew and Lucy kiss

“I don’t think Lucy realised Andrew said she was lying.”
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Farmer Wants A Wife’s first muster of the season was filled with fun, dancing and drama.

While other contestants and farmers found themselves enjoying the festivities, Andrew was caught in an awkward he-said-she-said situation.

WATCH: Meet farmer Andrew

Lucy told fellow contestant Rachael that their farmer had confessed she was one of his frontrunners before going in for a kiss and landing a peck on her cheek.

However, when Rachael confronted Andrew about the incident, the 30-year-old vehemently denied it.

So, who was lying?

New Idea spoke exclusively with Rachael about the awkward incident and discovered the truth never came out.

FWAW Andrew
Lucy regretted saying anything. (Credit: Seven)

“We all have a prejudice bias and we naturally look for evidence to prove it – we all put our lives on hold for Andrew [and the show] not for Lucy so whether we are aware of it or not we are going to think the sun shines out of his butt more than Lucy’s,” Rachael explains.

“I think if it were the real world you would go ‘Yuck, too much drama, I’m not going to date this guy’ but we had gone through so much to be there we’re naturally going to believe him.

“It didn’t come out but at the end of the day I believed Andrew.”

Rachael offered Lucy a chat but was shot down. (Credit: Seven)

As the drama began to settle and Lucy returned to the group, Rachael offered to have a chat to her, but was quickly shut down.

While tensions weren’t resolved that night, the social worker reveals they’ve since managed to clear things up, albeit some time later.

“I don’t think Lucy realised Andrew said she was lying.

“It wasn’t until after filming and a month later, we were close but we hadn’t actually had a solid conversation about it.

“It was good to talk about, she spoke about past traumas and why she reacted the way she did. So, we’ve been able to talk about it and we’re fine.”

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