Meet Farmer Rob’s new crop of ladies after shock twist

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Ahead of last night’s episode, Farmer Wants A Wife teased one of the show’s biggest shocks in history was set to unfold – and they sure weren’t wrong.

After sending all his ladies home from the farm having not felt a connection with any of them, Farmer Rob returned to a whole new flock of singles.

WATCH: Farmer Wants A Wife’s Rob gets a new crop of ladies

Confessing he hadn’t had that “lightning bolt” moment with any of the remaining three women, Rob preferred not to waste anyone’s time and sent everyone packing in a twist no one saw coming.

Fans may have thought this spelt the end of the Farmer’s time on the show, but alas, host Natalie Gruzlewski wasn’t going to let him slip away so easily – the show must go on!

Rob met a whole new crop of ladies. (Credit: Seven)

“Since you did say goodbye to your ladies, I have been a little busy behind the scenes,” she teased.

“I’ve found some new ladies that I would love you to meet. These ladies might have that connection and that spark that has been missing so far.”

As the rest of the Farmer stars prepared for their latest country ball, Natalie returned to surprise them and fans.

Cue Rob and a whole new flock of single ladies hoping to win his heart.

“It turns out farmer Rob hasn’t given up on love,” Natalie revealed.

Let’s meet Rob’s new ladies, below.

Vici (Credit: Seven)

Vici, 40, Horse nutritionist

Leah (Credit: Seven)

Leah, 38, Mountain guide 

Kate (Credit: Seven)

Kate, 36, Psychologist 

Sara (Credit: Seven)

Sarah, 52, Country lawyer

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