EXCLUSIVE: Farmer Brad & Clare: ‘Meet our little boy!’

Plus, they confirm an engagement is on the cards.
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Popular Farmer Wants A Wife couple Brad Jones and Clare Hockings are loving every minute of first-time parenthood.

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It’s been three months since the pair welcomed their son, Roy Grahame, into the world. New Idea has been invited down to their farm in Cootamundra, NSW, to meet adorable Roy, with proud dad Brad admitting that, although life is now “different”, it is a “good different”.

“Roy is a really good baby,” adds Clare, who fell in love with Brad on Farmer’s 2023 season. She explains that things are “getting easier” as Roy grows older, and that she and bub are finally getting a little more sleep each night.

“In the very early days the lack of sleep was the hardest thing about motherhood course,” Clare tells us. “But now Roy only wakes up twice a night which is way more manageable.”

Meet Farmer Brad and Clare’s little one, Roy. (Credit: New Idea)

When Roy first arrived, Brad, 34, would wake up during the night to be with him and Clare, 28.“A few weeks in though, I thought, well there’s no point both Clare and I waking up tired, so we’re trying to balance it out a little bit,” he explains.

Brad and Clare agree that Roy has a very “laid-back personality”. She says, “If he’s really tired he’ll cry, but otherwise he’s just happy to be with us, chilling and smiling.”

The horse lover is also happy to be back in the saddle finally.

“I’m back riding, which is a bit harder to do now,” she says. “I have to juggle it a bit [with Roy].”

A smiling Brad interjects to joke that Clare now has two babies to put to bed – Roy and her beloved horse, Prim!

If Clare has her way, Roy will grow up to love horses as much as she does. He’s even already had a little sit on one.

“Roy is very cruisy,” says Clare. “He’s very laid-back.” (Credit: New Idea)

“I’m not going to pressure him into riding when he’s older, but I think just being around horses, like he is, is a good way to get him interested,” Clare tells us. “If he’s keen, we’ll get him a pony.”

Brad thinks a motorbike would be an “easier” option, but Clare states matter of factly,“Yeah, we’re not doing that!”

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been 18 months since school teacher Clare met crop and cattle farmer Brad. So much has happened in that time. Not only did Clare move to the farm and fall pregnant with Roy, but they’ve welcomed four new horses too!

Farmer Wants A Wife fans will be thrilled to learn an engagement and marriage is definitely on the cards for Brad and Clare. However, they aren’t quite on the same page when it comes to a time frame.

“She keeps putting the pressure on to propose,” Brad says with a big grin. Clare chimes in, “I just want us to have the same last name at some point. So if there are any jewellery designers out there, get in touch with Brad!

For now though, Brad and Clare are focused on working out their work-life balance after a “crazy” 18 months. They’re also planning a much-needed family holiday to Queensland.

“I still have to work on the farm, but I also want to be at home with Roy when I can, especially while he’s little,” Brad says. “It’s challenging at times, but it’s the best thing we’re ever going to do.”

“If he’s keen, we’ll get him a pony,” says Clare. (Credit: New Idea)

Every day, he and Clare are discovering something new about Roy – and themselves as his parents.

“As first-time parents we’re also wondering ‘are we doing it right? Are we doing it wrong?’” Brad says. “You don’t know until you do, day by day. We’re guessing all the time.”

As busy farmers and new parents, Brad and Clare aren’t sure how much free time they’ll have to watch the new season of Farmer. But they do know exactly how the new crop of farmers and women will be feeling!

“[They] don’t have any idea what they’re in for over the next few months,” say Clare.

Brad adds it will be “interesting” to watch. “I’ll be tuning in for sure. Clare won’t,” he says.

“She keeps putting the pressure on to propose,” Brad said about Clare. (Credit: New Idea)

Clare tells us that she struggled with the online comments made towards her during her season. She advises the women taking part this year to avoid social media.

“It’s easier said than done, but I’d suggest trying not to get too involved in what other people are saying,” she warns. “I learnt that not everybody is going to like you.

“At the end of the day, I’m still here, with Brad and we’ve had Roy now. I’m clearly not going anywhere, no matter what people online might have said.”

Not that Clare or Brad give too much thought these days to social media trolls – they’re too busy creating a happy life with their bouncing baby boy.
For the gorgeous couple, they are content just hanging out with Roy and giving him the best life that he can have.

“We’re very lucky, he’s such a gorgeous little boy,” Clare says proudly.

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