Farmer Wants A Wife’s Farmer Will’s surprise connection to the original show REVEALED

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Farmer Wants A Wife has revealed its third eligible country bloke looking for love this season as Farmer Will.

And, he has a surprising tie to two of the show’s past contestants.

WATCH: Meet Farmer Wants A Wife’s Farmer Will

The sheep and cattle farmer from Longwood, Victoria is “an honest and energetic, down-to-earth bloke who loves a party but also likes his downtime”.

At 39-years-old he’s looking for a forever kind of love and is well and truly ready to settle down.

Could Will find his fairytale on the farm? (Credit: Channel Seven)

“Love to me is everything. They write songs about it, they write poems about it,” he says.

He’s also seen the success the original show had in helping his friends find a lasting romance.

 “Two of my friends, Rob and Jo, met on Farmer and they’re happily married. They have three lovely children. If they can find the one, hopefully, so can I,” Will revealed.

Rob and Jo met back in 2008 during the second season of the popular Australian dating show and fell head over heels in love.

They’re one of the show’s greatest success stories. (Credit: Supplied)
Fast-forward 12 happy years and three beautiful kids later, and Jo and Rob are literally living their dreams.

“I never thought in a million years that I would spend my days living on a farm and have three children,” Jo told New Idea. “But now, I just couldn’t live back in the city; there’s no way I could adjust back to city living.

“It’s just such a beautiful lifestyle [here].”

Farmer Will
There’s just one thing that could stand in Will’s way. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Hopefully Farmer Will can find his Jo on the show this year. There may be, however, one thing that gets in his way.

“I can be a bit shy around women I like. I’m usually the guy hidden in the corner keeping to himself,” he says.  

Only time will tell if Will can come out of his shelf and find his fairytale on the farm.

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