Expert claims Today is ‘in big trouble’ as ratings go from bad to worse

'They need to scrap everything'

Former Channel Nine executive Rob McKnight says the network needs to “go back to the drawing board.”

His scathing comment is in regard to Channel Nine’s new-look Today, which has seen a massive decline in ratings since its relaunch in January following the departure of its star Karl Stefanovic and news anchor Sylvia Jeffreys.

Today got beaten by The Morning Show. That should not happen,” Rob told TV Blackbox listeners, referencing the mid-morning program which follows Today‘s rival, Sunrise

Along with Georgie Gardner, the breakfast programs is lead by Deborah Knight, plus newcomers Tom Steinfort and Brooke Boney.

“How many more bad headlines can they take with this show? It is not working. They need to go back to the drawing board,’ Rob advised.


“They need to scrap everything that they’re doing now and try again because they got it wrong.”

TV Blackbox commentator Steve Molk then crunched the numbers. 

“Since Today‘s big relaunch in January, the trend line is still going down. It’s still moving away from Sunrise whose trend line is going up. On average Sunrise is 60K, 70K, 80K to a 100K difference of a morning.”

McKnight added, “Sunrise being number one is no longer the story, it’s a given now.”


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