EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Michael Goonan seen with ‘white powder’ as he rides toy car

'Get that on film... f**king junky.'
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Married At First Sight‘s Michael Goonan is a magnet for drama – but is his latest scandal his most embarrassing yet?

New Idea has exclusively obtained video of Michael at a home, believed to be his own, where a friend can be seen emptying the contents of a tiny snap-lock bag onto a black kitchen bench.

The contents of that bag appears to be a white powder. An unraveled Australian $10 note sits beside the suspicious substance.

EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Michael Goonan seen with ‘white powder’ as he rides toy car

The activity was captured by a female friend, who was recording a rambling Michael riding a child’s toy car.

“I know a lot of people are obviously taking the piss tonight because it’s Sunday,” the father-of-one began, with Champagne in hand.

“But to me, it’s a lot more serious than that. I’m just driving my BM [BMW]. Hang on, I’m just at an intersection. Oi, it’s tough being on top… it’s good, ya know what I mean. It’s not a [BMW] i8, but it’s close.”

Struggling to drive the toy, he told his friends, “I’ve got a stitch doing this.”

The woman filming the performance was laughing when she asked: “A stitch or a stiff?”

He replied, “I’m like Fred Flintstone on steroids.”

The camerawoman’s attention then turned to Michael’s tattooed friend.

Michael is no stranger to scandal. (Credit: Nine)

“What’s he doing, though?” Michael slurred.

“Get that on film. Get that on film – that f–kin’ junky… trying to steal [inaudible]…”

The woman then tells Michael to, “Steer, bitch,” before pushing him, which lead to him falling to the ground.

Pictured with his wife, Stacey, Michael was at the centre of a cheating scandal last month. (Credit: Nine)

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