Exclusive interview: Pauline Hanson’s man tells all

He lifts the lid on what she’s really like

It was a dark Canberra bar, and newly elected Pauline Hanson was being ‘viciously abused’ by a Young Liberal when David Oldfield went to her rescue.

‘I thought she seemed a bit fragile and needed some help,’ recalls the One Nation co-founder, who Pauline claims was her lover.

‘It looked as if it was almost in danger of becoming a physical assault. I knew the guy, who disagreed with her strongly so I went and pulled him away.

I ushered him out and went back to apologise to Pauline, on the basis that it wasn’t appropriate.

The date was September 10, 1996, and the ambitious young political advisor – then a staffer for Tony Abbot – soon discovered he had a great deal in common with the controversial, flame-haired MP.

‘I’m probably the man who knows her better than anyone,’ smiles David, 58, now married to outspoken TV personality Lisa Oldfield.

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