Exclusive: MAFS Carly speaks out on The Bachelorette’s Rob

"I thought we'd get married."

She failed to find love on Married at First Sight and now Carly Bowyer is set to see the man she once thought she might marry compete for Ali Oetjen’s heart on The Bachelorette.

In an exclusive chat with New Idea, the reality TV star opens up about her romance with Robert, and what’s in store for Ali.

Carly says she dated Rob, a plumber from Victoria, for three years and their relationship “got very serious”.

Carly and Rob
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After moving in with each other, she thought the pair would end up getting married.

“We were definitely in love. It felt like that was it and we’d get married and end up together forever,” Carly spills.

In fact, so deep was their relationship Carly, who recently broke it off with her boyfriend, former MAFS star Troy Delmege, is unsure about how she would take the news if Ali ended up picking Rob.

“It’s always hard to see your ex with someone else. I would be happy for him, but I’d also be a little heartbroken,” Carly adds.

Carly describes Rob as a really fun-loving guy, “He’s very patient, caring and he’s such a family man, he’ll make an amazing dad,” she gushes.


The former couple met at a pub in Melbourne and Carly didn’t think too much of it because she thought he was just “so ridiculously good looking” that she didn’t take the idea of dating him too seriously.

“But then over the next couple of weeks, I just randomly kept bumping into him at different places and it’s like the universe was trying to tell us something. So we went on an amazing first date and spent the next three years in a great relationship,” she says.

Sadly, the couple didn’t last.

“We tried to make it work because we did love each other, but we were in different places at the time. I really think that it all came down to timing.”

new idea

Carly maintains that she’s happy for Rob, but reveals that she also knew Ali in the past, as they’re both from the same city.

“I’m excited for Rob because he wants to find the right girl – and the funny thing is, I actually know Ali because we both grew up in Adelaide.

“So it’s going to be a bit weird to watch [my] ex dating someone that I already know.”

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