Em Rusciano accused of ‘smoking in bed’ next to her newborn baby

The former radio star is the butt of a bad joke

They may be knee-deep in nappies and baby vomit, having welcomed their third child last month, but Em Rusciano and her husband Scott Barrow still have time to crack a joke.

Scott decided to play a prank on his wife by dobbing her in to a maternity nurse for smoking ‘sly ciggies’ in bed with their newborn son Elio.

Re-telling the story on Instagram, ex radio star Em said: ‘We’ve just come back from the maternal child health nurse. While we were sitting there, he thought he’d chuck in that I do what?’


Scott answers: ‘Oh, that you were having a few sly ciggies? At night?’

‘In bed with the baby. I don’t smoke. I’ve never smoked,’ Em exclaims.

‘I was confident she could see the irony,’ interjected Scott, before Em yelled: ‘No! No! I’m struggling. Everything’s leaking. I’ve got a sty, I’ve got a cut [hand].

‘I was up all night and this d***head thinks it’s OK to crack a joke that I’m smoking ciggies in bed with the baby to the woman taking notes. Copious notes!’


Scott says, ‘I’ll play a straighter bat from now on.’

Em replies, ‘Why do you think you’re so funny? Leave that to me, mate.’

Em captioned the video: ‘Scott thought he’d crack a *hilarious joke during our visit to the maternal child nurse today… (*F***ing stupid).’ 

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