Elyse Knowles makes a sad confession about her relationship with Josh Barker

The couple have been dating for five years!
Channel 9

Elyse Knowles and Josh Barker have seemingly been on cloud nine since winning The Block. But now, the 25-year-old model has made a sad confession that it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the couple. 

The blonde beauty recalled how the show put a huge strain on her five year relationship with Barker, 28, because they were often left feeling ‘mentally drained’ during filming. 

‘We do have to try and separate work away from home, which is pretty hard when you’re living in your renovation and that was a struggle for us,’ she told The Daily Telegraph this week.

‘You sit down to have dinner but you’ll literally be sitting on the floor of the house thinking ‘We have so much to do’. You can never get away from it.’


Knowles continued, ‘If we were stuck in the house for too long, we would get mentally drained. That’s what The Block, does because you’re there 24/7 and you’re always working. You can never escape.’

The blonde model added that despite their ups and downs, the unique experience ultimately strengthened their relationship.  

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