Elyse Knowles: ‘We’re homeless’

The Block winners reveal their plans for the summer.

The Block winners Elyse Knowles and her partner Josh Barker have had success after success this year. The couple sold their winning house on The Block in October to comedian Dave Hughes for just over $3 million and last month their own home in Melbourne for $1.6 million.

Since the shows finale, Knowles has also booked several high profile modeling campaigns – including for iconic Australian label Bras n Things – and Barker is a regular fixture of the Melbourne social scene. 

But the couple have now revealed they will strip their luxurious lifestyle down over the summer, choosing to camp on the beach while they look for their next home. 

We sold our own personal home now. We have gone from two houses to none, so we are homeless,’ Knowles told The Today Show on Friday morning.

‘I think we will be camping all summer on the beach, which is a good thing. We did sell our home for $1.63 million, which was a record for Coburg, so you beauty.’


When news.com.au spoke to Knowles last week, the couple were just about to move out of their home and had not found a new place to live.

‘We have no clue where we’re going. Pretty sure we’re going to be living in a tent,’ Knowles said.

The pair are no strangers to uncomfortable living conditions. They lived among smashed walls and unfinished surfaces during the two years they spent renovating their Coburg home.

‘We lived with no walls for ages because we’d knocked them all down. It was freezing in winter because the wind was gushing in so we slept in our puffer jackets, sometimes on the floor,’ Knowles told news.com.au last week.

‘We showered outside in an outdoor shower that we built because we ripped down the rest of our house. We showered in our bathers outside, saying ‘Hi neighbours!’’


We reckon the couple’s notorious down-to-earth approach will mean they’ll be right at home camping on the beach! 

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