Ed Sheeran to quit touring when he has kids

Sad news for Ed Sheeran fans.
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He’s one of the most successful crooners in music right now but Ed Sheeran has revealed that he plans to give it all up when he becomes a father.

The 26-year-old British singer revealed to Good Morning Britain that he would love to have children in the future and when this happens, he will quit touring.

“I don’t want to be touring when I have kids,” he insists. “I want to be like nipping out every now and then and being able to actually be a father so yeah, I think I would definitely love kids, I would definitely love all the kids in the world but I don’t want to have them right now.”

He went on to discuss how he’d love to raise his children in the country.

“This is my idea of happiness; living in the countryside, having a multitude of children always around me and my wife by my side. 

“Writing songs every day and then going to pick up my kids at school … I’m ready [to be a dad], but then it’s not me who have to carry a baby in the belly for nine months, so it’s not just up to me.”

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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