EXCLUSIVE: Dr Katrina Warren: ‘I’m busier than ever’

Fans are still going totally wild for the TV vet!
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Laughing off the suggestion she has been in ‘hiding’, Dr Katrina Warren reveals she has been anything but!

In fact, the much-loved celebrity veterinarian has never been busier.

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With her significant social media profile, TV guest spots, ambassador and animal charity roles, rarely a day goes by without Katrina delivering astute pet advice or offering a ‘virtual’ shoulder for her followers to cry on when a beloved pet passes on.

“People think I’ve disappeared from TV, which I guess in a way I did because Harry’s Practice concluded,” smiles Katrina. “But within my profession as a media vet, I am still promoting responsible pet ownership, pet advice and sharing joyful animal stories through various media platforms.”

Dr Katrina Warren is busier than ever. (Credit: Photographer – Chris Pavlich/Hair and makeup – Craig Beaglehole/Clothes – Kivari)


Following her role on Totally Wild in 1994, Dr Katrina and her talented border collie, Toby the Wonderdog, rose to fame sharing the small screen with Dr Harry Cooper and, occasionally, Dr Chris Brown on Channel 7’s Harry’s Practice from 1997 to 2003.

“Harry, Chris and I cross paths all the time. It’s always lovely to catch up with them both,” says Katrina, adding the media industry has changed so much since she started out 20 years ago. “For a while I was daunted by this,” she admits.

It was the early days of Facebook when Katrina realised how to use social media for good when her beloved Toby passed away in 2010.

“Social media has allowed people to come together and support other people when they lose their pet,” she continues.

“I also had the horrible experience of my cat, Mr Fox, passing away suddenly in my arms in front of my daughter, Charlotte, who was only 10 at the time,” adds Katrina. “It was an incredibly significant moment in Charlotte’s life.

“Our story resonated with people too, as I talked about how to help children to grieve and celebrate our pets.”

“Social media has allowed people to come together and support other people when they lose their pet.” (Credit: Photographer – Chris Pavlich/Hair and makeup – Craig Beaglehole/Clothes – Kivari)


But Facebook isn’t the only social media channel Katrina has embraced.

“I recently joined TikTok,” she laughs. “It’s not all about dancing and teens. I am connecting back to people who grew up watching me as a kid.

“Many tell me stories of how Toby was their dream dog or how they were inspired to become a vet from watching me on TV.”

Eventually Katrina was ready to have another chocolate border collie in her life.

“I didn’t think I could love another pet the same way I loved Toby, but Chilli is such a heart-warmer,” enthuses Katrina. “He was an enormous comfort for me throughout the pandemic.”

“Chilli is such a heart-warmer.” (Credit: Instagram)


Katrina’s fans are quick to notice the 54-year-old “hasn’t changed a bit” over the years.

“I feel people remember me being 28 to 30, but I don’t feel like I haven’t changed! It’s very kind, but depending on what lighting you catch me in, they might think differently,” she laughs.

“I’m trying very hard to age gracefully. I try to eat well and I exercise most days. The only time I remember my age is when I crouch on the ground with animals like I used to. It’s not as easy to get up anymore.”

And as for a big TV return, Katrina isn’t ruling anything out.

“I did the first season of Dancing with the Stars and I have no desire to embarrass myself again,” she jokes.

“However, if the right show came along that allowed me to enhance people’s relationships with their pets, I would do that.”

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