Dr Harry’s next move: “I will never retire.”

Recent health issues aren't keeping the beloved TV vet down
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Australia’s most loved vet, Dr Harry Cooper, is fast approaching his 80th birthday, but don’t think that means he has plans to slow down. 

“They’ll retire me … I’m not ready to retire!” a defiant Harry tells New Idea from his home in Port Macquarie, NSW.

 “And even then I’ll go find something else to do because I can’t ever imagine not doing something.”

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In fact, not even a bout of shingles could keep the TV favourite from his regular gig presenting on Better Homes and Gardens for long.  

“I’m not 100 percent, but I’m back at work,” he shares candidly.

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“In my case, it affects the nerves around my chest, and it’s been extremely painful.”

But, as the showbiz saying goes, the show must go on – and Harry is thrilled to have a new documentary series on the way.

Harry and his wife Suze are always busy with their animals at their NSW farm. (Credit: New Idea)

Animals Aboard with Dr. Harry is premiering on July 5 on Channel Seven and 7plus and offers a looking into the multi-million-dollar animal travel industry, unearthing a goldmine of stories hidden in cargo holds and travel crates!

Following a menagerie of wildlife as they travel for work, play, medical reasons, or family reunions, Harry tells he was drawn to the project because of its focus on the beautiful bond between humans and animals.

“The bond that exists between animals and a family they are part of the family they are part of the family group…and the separation that occurs when they have to go one way and the family has to go another is tearful,” says Harry.

Dr Harry has been gracing our TV screens for more than 30 years. (Credit: New Idea)

He admits he working on the show makes him overcome with emotion, touched by the extraordinary stories. 

“That marvellous reunion that takes place when they meet in the UK or Canada or wherever they are, and they get together again- it’s fantastic.”

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“I found myself choking up on some of the voiceovers, I had to go back and re-do them a couple of times because there was too much emotion in my voice!”

The vet has been working with animals since he graduated from university in 1965! (Credit: New Idea)

Doting grandfather to five Harry is delighted to have passed on his love to animals’ grandson, Tommy.

He may even have another budding vet in the bloodline! 

“We talk on the phone all the time, Tommy he got a spotted python for Christmas…what he knows about animals and insects, he’s amazing,” Harry says proudly.

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