Dr Chris Brown: “Mum is the strongest woman I know”

A heartfelt tribute to the TV vet’s biggest influence.
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Even though he’s set to explore his ancestors in the latest season of SBS’ Who Do You Think You Are?, Dr Chris Brown has a relative much closer that he’s always keen to celebrate – his mother, Anne.

WATCH BELOW: Dr Chris Brown on I’m a Celebrity… winning Most Outstanding Reality Program at the 2022 TV WEEK Logie Awards

“It’s fair to say she gave up more than her fair share of time, social life and sleep,” the chiselled veterinarian reflected online, looking back on his happy childhood growing up in Newcastle alongside his two older brothers.

It is with some sadness, however, that the woman who has been such a rock and source of fun to Chris and his family has been battling Alzheimer’s for several years.

“The slow creep of a condition often called ‘the long goodbye’ means the matriarch of the family has fallen silent,” he wrote in a moving piece for Stellar magazine.

“It’s a very hard thing to watch someone who means so much to you fade away before your eyes.”

Chris as a baby with mum Anne. (Credit: Instagram)

The Bondi Vet misses the “sassy spirit and busy mind” that would thrill at a top-scoring Scrabble word,
but he’s full of admiration for her continued battle against her condition.

“My mother is a remarkable woman still making immense sacrifices,” he wrote.

Both of his parents have had a huge influence on Chris.

“Mum’s biggest passion has always been drama, singing and performance.” (Credit: Instagram)

While he took after his father Graeme by becoming a vet, we can thank Anne for him making the leap in front of the camera.

“Mum’s biggest passion has always been drama, singing and performance,” he says.

 So, whenever you see Chris presenting on TV, whether it’s as part of The Living Room gang or helming the mayhem on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here alongside Julia Morris (with whom he shared a recent Logie win for Most Outstanding Reality Program), he admits it’s 
“a nod” to his beloved mum.

“There’s no doubt I owe an immense amount to Mum.”

WATCH: Dr. Chris Brown and Bob Irwin present at the Logies

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Australia’s most eligible bachelor has been thinking a lot about finding his perfect match of late.

“I’m certainly looking for the one,” he says.

“I don’t want to be this person with a history of short to medium-term relationships.”

While Chris feels ready to settle down, his good looks tend to get in the way.

“I’d much rather they go, ‘Oh, that Chris Brown, he’s an interesting guy,’ or ‘He’s entertaining.’ I think I offer a bit more than looks,” he confesses.

Chris at one of his many Logie Award appearances. (Credit: Getty)

But when he does finally find that person, he is keen to start a family.

It’s clear from how he talks about wanting children of his own someday, you can see he’s taking a lot of inspiration from his mum’s constant presence in his life growing up.

“I don’t want to be an absent dad,” he’s said.

“I know in my heart I’d want to be around for them.”

Chris knows that if he does become a father, it’ll make him appreciate Anne even more.

“Maybe I won’t truly appreciate how much I’m in her debt until I have kids of my own,” Chris said of his mother. (Credit: Instagram)

“Maybe I won’t truly appreciate how much I’m in her debt until I have kids of my own.”

As for Who Do You Think You Are?, it’s an experience which made Chris feel more connected to his family.

“It’s very easy to feel like a black sheep in the family until you find all the other black sheep. This journey has revealed a family history that I’m immensely proud of.”

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