8 Photos of the Iconic Trump Hairstyle

If you find Donald Trump’s hair a source of fascination, this gallery is for you.

As far as presidential style goes, Donald Trump is a little all over the place. One of the most noticeable aspects of his image is, of course, Trump’s hair. The brassy, almost orange colour isn’t the only thing that stands out – his combover is almost always just one of two things, an unmoving, almost helmet-like stiffness, or a flying mess of what looks like cotton candy. He’s tried to change things up, like in 2017 he debuted a dirty blond dye job. But that got mixed reviews.

Though Donald Trump barely ever brings good news to our feeds, it’s not that hard to find a little joy in the disaster that is the Trump hairstyle. So in honour of bad hair days, we’ve compiled a list of Trump’s hair moments, including the worst and weirdest.

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The Trump Hairstyle Explained

Though many people assume that Trump’s hair is a toupee, the man himself has tried disproving the myth. Years ago, during his presidential campaign trail, he asked a woman to pull on his hair just to prove to everyone there that it was real. Apparently, his hair is solid and stiff because he “tries like hell to hid his bald spots”.

In a book written by a former White House staffer, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, journalist Michael Wolff says the Trump hairstyle looks that way because he’s gotten scalp-reduction surgery in the past. On top of that, he uses strong hairspray to keep the remaining feathery locks in place and slaps on some cheap dye (which destroys hair by the way) every once in a while. No wonder it’s the way that it is.

What Factors Makeup Donald Trump’s Iconic Hair?

In case you forgot (but how could you ever forget) here are the elements that make Trump’s hair, well, Trump’s hair:

The Colour

What colour is Donald Trump’s hair? Frankly, we don’t exactly know. What we do know is that it’s somewhere between a fluorescent orange and a dirty blond. Sometimes, under the light right, it appears almost golden. Most of the time it’s just kind of brassy though.

Donald Trump during a speech in Western Iowa
(Credit: Getty)

The Texture

The texture of Donald Trump’s hair is kind of an anomaly in that it looks feathery – billowing in the wind one time and launching a thousand memes and jokes on Twitter – but also stiff and crisp at the same time. Maybe we’d have to interview that one woman who got to touch Trump’s hair to get a final verdict on the texture.

Donald Trump Yanks Golf Classic
(Credit: Getty)

The Style

The Donald Trump haircut is apparently a result of hands-on collaboration with his barber. A former barber of his said that he tells him exactly where to trim, and is very clear about not wanting the top of his hair to be cut. So if anyone out there should ask what kind of barber would give Trump that kind of hairstyle, apparently the Donald Trump haircut is, for the most part, a Donald Trump creation.

Trump during a speech in Iowa
(Credit: Getty)

Trump Hair Photos Ranked: A Gallery of our Favourite Trump Hair Moments

Now that we’re all well acquainted with Donald Trump’s hairstyle, we present to you 8 photos of the iconic Trump hair.

8. Oldie But Goldie

This photo is from 1991, where Trump bends over to say something to his son, Eric. Here, you can see that Trump’s hair hasn’t started balding yet. However, it is pretty evident in this photo that Trump’s hair has always been kind of stiff. Even as he bends over it doesn’t move or part. You can also notice just how shiny his hair is. Even if it’s a black and white photo, you can tell imagine that his hair’s got that golden glow.

Donald Trump & Eric Trump
(Credit: Getty)

7. That One Time Jimmy Fallon Messed Up Trump’s Hair

Remember when Donald Trump let Late Night host Jimmy Fallon tousle his hair on TV? In 2016, Fallon asked Trump if he could mess up his hair. Unfortunately for Fallon, he received a lot of backlash afterwards for “normalising” Trump at the height of his offensive speeches about immigrants. Though the moment sparked a divisive debate, at least two good things came out of it: fun photos and a donation made by Jimmy Fallon to RAICES.

6. Trump’s Hat Hair

Hat hair is not a good look on anyone, and Donald Trump sure wasn’t spared. This photo was taken at a 2015 political rally, where he took his MAGA hat off to prove to the audience that his hair is indeed real. Not only is it really real, but it’s also really flat here.

5. That Non-Combover Combover

Trump has said that his hair isn’t really combed forward, but this image reveals his hair in what looks like a forward-combed Trump hairstyle. Maybe he’s changed the way he combs his hair since then. After all, this photo was taken in 2011 at the 100th anniversary Indianapolis 500 Chevrolet pace car celebrity driver announcement.

Donald Trump at the 100th Anniversary Indianopolis
(Credit: Getty)

4. A Close Look At Those Wispy Strips

During a media briefing at the White House in 2017, a photographer captured this photo highlighting Trump’s bright, wispy hair. We don’t think we’ve ever seen his hair in so much detail.

Donald Trump speaking to the media
(Credit: Getty)

3. Blown Away, Part One

In 2000, during a ribbon-cutting ceremony in New York, the world was treated to a sneak peek to what we’ll later reveal as the best Trump hair fail. Here, Trump is noticeably younger, his hair is the most yellow we’ve ever seen it, and we can see the back ends rising up due to what we assume is a strong gust of wind. We’d like to thank that gust of wind for showing us that yes, Trump’s hair is moveable.

Donald Trump at a ribbon cutting ceremony
(Credit: Getty)

2. Blown Away, Part Two

When Trump stepped out of a plane in Indianapolis in 2016, a mighty rush of wind blew his hair back to reveal that bald spot he’d always tried to hide. Alas, Donald Trump’s hair was no match for nature that day.

Donald Trump removes hat at rally
(Credit: Getty)

1. Blown Away, The Finale

The best Trump hair moment would have to be that fateful day the winds were strong enough to move his stiff mane as he boarded Air Force One. This photo – and many others – was taken in 2018, but it’s a moment that’s stamped in history until time immemorial. It’s a classic.


There you have it, our best photos of Donald Trump’s hair, as well as some other key information you might need whenever you want to get into an extensive discussion of Trump’s hair among your friends. If you thought that his stiff orange-yellow mop was a wig, now you’re more informed.

If you’ve ever wondered if Trump got a hair transplant, remember that it was a scalp-reduction surgery. And if you’ve scoured Google and YouTube to figure out how he does his “comb over” so you can perfect your Trump costume, now you have an answer. All you need is a long list of Trump quotes and you’ve got him.

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