Deborah Knight SLAMS ‘heartless’ trolls after family Covid tragedy

“Behind every single death and every single number is a grieving family."
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A grieving Deborah Knight has slammed vicious trolls who claimed her mother-in-law’s tragic Covid death on Sunday night was a scam.

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Deborah announced the death of Connie Dunbar, 88, on her 2GB show on Monday, revealing that she had died after contracting Covid from a nurse at the Calvary Haydon Retirement Community in Canberra – despite being double vaccinated.

“Connie moved to Australia from Scotland as a young woman, and she raised her family here in Australia – her children Jenny and my husband Lindsay,” she said on-air.

“Connie was fully vaccinated, but she couldn’t beat Covid. She passed away just after 11.30 last night.

“She didn’t have any real symptoms, she didn’t have a temperature, she didn’t have trouble breathing but she just was asleep the entire time and couldn’t wake up and couldn’t beat it and she will be sadly missed,” she continued.

She then encouraged people to get vaccinated, adding that Connie was a “wonderful woman”.

“Behind every single death and every single number is a grieving family, much-loved people and their families miss them dearly,” she said.

Deborah urged people to get vaccinated. (Credit: Instagram)

“Covid is cruel and for anyone doubting how cruel it is or questioning whether Covid’s real, I can tell you it is all too real and if you’re still hedging getting vaccinated, that very simple act with plenty of vaccine options, plenty of availability, it can stop more families like mine from grieving and mourning the loss of a much-loved family member like Connie Dunbar.

“So if not for yourself, do it for others.”

Following the tragic news, Deborah had revealed that she had been the target of cruel trolls on social media who claimed that the media figure was lying about her mother-in-law’s death.

“My husband has lost his dear mother to Covid, and some cruel, heartless people are questioning whether it is a hoax or whether she had the virus at all when she was double-vaccinated,” she wrote on Twitter, adding, “Appalling.”

Deb said her husband was still grieving the loss of his mother. (Credit: Instagram)

Appearing on Ben Fordham’s breakfast show, Deborah said her husband Lindsay is still coming to terms with the loss of his beloved mother.

“He’s doing ok, he loved his mum dearly,” she said.

“Very close to his mum so the loss of anyone from any condition if whatever age is a tragedy and it hits people hard. Him and his sister Jenny are doing ok,” she said.

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