Sunrise star Kochie confesses: ‘Why Karl Stefanovic and I aren’t friends’

The breakfast TV co-host on life, love and longevity in television
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There are only three things of which you can be certain: death, taxes and David Koch on Sunrise.

For 18 years, Kochie has beamed into Australian lounge rooms. That’s a lifetime in TV land.

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And it’s even more amazing when you consider he wasn’t even supposed to be co-hosting the Channel Seven brekkie show. Kochie was originally called in for three months to fill in for former host, Chris Reason, following his shock cancer diagnosis.

“It was a complete mistake,” the 64-year-old exclusively tells New Idea of being on Sunrise.

While Kochie himself admits he’s an unlikely TV personality (“I’m no oil painting”), he has lasted the distance and has no plans of quitting now.

David Koch Sunrise
David “Kochie” Koch has co-hosted Sunrise for the past 18 years. (Credit: Channel Seven)


“It’s about not trying to bulls–t to your audience. Viewers can see through it.

“You’re not going to please everyone all the time and you’ve just got to be prepared for that. Some people will totally disagree with you.

“Unfortunately, we’ve lost the art of agreeing to disagree and respecting each other’s opinions. You can stay friends and colleagues, and move on.”

“At the end of the day,  it’s about who wins the game. Each day, we’ve won the game,” Kochie says of Sunrise’s ratings success. (Credit: Channel Seven)


Nine Network’s Today has been catching up to Sunrise, recently scoring wins in the eastern states.

“We have not lost a day all year. You can win in Dubbo one week, or Wagga Wagga or Melbourne, and you can cherry pick regions. We look at the total. We’re a national show.

“At the end of the day, it’s about who wins the game. Each day, we’ve won the game.”

Sunrise Today
Pictured left to right: Lisa Wilkinson, Kochie, Sam Armytage anf Karl Stefanovic. (Credit: Instagram)


“No, not at all. I’ve met Karl a number of times at industry functions, but I don’t need new friends.

“I love the friends I’ve got and I deliberately don’t have friends in the media, because working in the media gives you a distorted view of life and your world.

“You’re in a bit of a bubble and I’ve never wanted to be in that bubble.

“That’s not to say I don’t like Karl or anyone on TV. They’re all really nice people. [But] I don’t need to be friends with them.”

Karl Stefanovic
“I’ve met Karl a number of times at industry functions, but I don’t need new friends,” Kochie says. (Credit: Getty)


Kochie cites Father Chris Riley, from Youth Off The Streets, as one of his favourite local guests.

He’s interviewed popular stars, such as the likes of Tom Cruise, Rihanna and One Direction. And then there was the time Justin Bieber played a live show.

“It was down at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, but there were so many people police closed it down and everyone followed Justin up to the studio. Elizabeth Street had to be closed. It was mayhem.

“He was a brat, but now he’s matured.”

David Koch Justin Bieber
“He was a brat, but now he’s matured,” Kochie says of the time he met Justin Bieber. (Credit: Channel Seven)


In 2006, Kochie and co-host Melissa Doyle visited the family of Beaconsfield miner Todd Russell, who was trapped underground.

“When a bloke’s been down a mine trapped and says, ‘Kochie come in here,’ I’m not going to say to him, ‘Stick it.’ He gave me his miner’s tag as a thank you for being kind to his family, which I still have today and is one of my most treasured possessions. It was just a human thing to do and I’d do it again today.

“When I look back, the most hurtful thing was to be called an ‘ambulance chaser’ for doing that.”

David Koch wife
David says the secret to his and wife Libby’s marriage success is: “Sticking through the tough times and not giving in.” (Credit: Getty)


Kochie and his wife of 41 years, Libby, have four children and six grandchildren – his newest grandchild is Ella, who has a wild mop of hair “like a punk rocker”.

What’s his secret to love and a long marriage?

“Sticking through the tough times and not giving in. She [Libby] and I are very different personalities, but we’re like any normal couple that goes through good times and really tough times.

“And we’ve worked through them together. And I love the spot we’re in now.”

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