Danish royal family read the riot act

Queen Margrethe isn’t happy with her next-in-lines, son Prince Frederik and grandson, Prince Christian
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Prince Frederik is learning that you’re never too old to get a stern telling off from your mum!

New Idea understands Queen Margrethe is furious that both her 55-year-old heir and her eldest grandson, Prince Christian, have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons – and last week tensions reached boiling point.

“Queen Margrethe does not want any drama surrounding the royal house if she can avoid it, but that’s exactly what she’s been getting this past year,” dishes our Danish insider.

“First with [youngest son] Joachim and his family being in a huge public conflict with the royals, and now Fred and Christian.”

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Last week, Fred and his wife, Princess Mary, were hit with unfounded rumours about his friendship with Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova. 

Genoveva, 48, vehemently denied that she and Fred are anything more then friends, telling Spanish outlet Hola!: “I flatly deny the statements that suggest a romantic relationship … Any statement of this type is not only completely untrue but also distorts the facts in a malicious manner.”

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Queen Margrethe of Denmark wearing floral dress and holding flowers.
ROYAL RIFT: Queen Margrethe isn’t impressed with her son and grandson! (Credit: Getty)

Meanwhile, the Danish palace simply said: “We won’t say anything about untrue rumours or insinuations.”

Shortly before the story broke, Fred was also seen charming Spanish royal, Queen Letizia, during a state dinner in Denmark. Our insider says these rumours resurfacing, harking back to Fred’s flirty ways, is the last thing his 83-year-old mother needs.

Prince Christian and Queen Letizia talking at a state dinner
Prince Frederik and Queen Letizia were friendly at a state dinner last week. (Credit: Getty)

“The Queen is very conservative. It would definitely stress her out,” says the source.

Not to mention the timing couldn’t be worse, with all this happening just a month before Christmas. With her family divided during last year’s holiday season, Margrethe had been looking forward to a drama-free festive period. Now that’s gone out the window.

On top of this, Margrethe is also dealing with articles about Fred’s eldest son Christian partying on a school night. The just-turned 18-year-old recently hit up trendy Copenhagen nightclub Hive with his mates on a Thursday evening.

According to local reports, he was escorted to a VIP table, where he partied until 2am!

Prince Christian out with friends
Like father, like son. Will Prince Christian (pictured with friends), follow in his father’s footsteps?

A second source says Margrethe knows Christian is just a kid, but is still concerned “he’s going to throw away his future if he’s too tired to study”. 

“Her greatest fear is he’s on a path to rebellion,” says the source.

“Margrethe doesn’t want Christian to be painted with the same brush his father was, especially not in this era of frugality.”

In his youth, Fred was labelled a ‘party prince’. With Mary, 51, by his side, he’s worked hard to rehabilitate his image.

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