Meet the celebs who will be cha-cha-ing their way to glory on Dancing With The Stars

Chefs, athletes, and more are taking the the floor.
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Another season of Dancing With The Stars is headed our way, and a brand new batch of Australia’s famous faces are ready to put their best foot forward.

Channel Seven has officially released the list of 12 contestants taking to the dance floor, and it includes athletes, chefs, actors, and more.

Scroll on to find out who will be foxtrotting for their chance to win that iconic Mirror Ball trophy.

The Dancing With The Stars Australia cast 2024

Nikki Osborne (Credit: Instagram)

Nikki Osborne 

Actress and comedian, Nikki Osborne is taking to the floor. “All these years my mouth has been writing cheques, let’s hope my a** can cash them,” she wrote on Instagram.

Adam Dovile (left). (Credit: Instagram)

Adam Dovile

Better Homes and Gardens’ and House Rules’ Adam Dovile will also be Cha-Cha-ing his way through the season. “I can’t wait to show you all my moves,” he wrote.

Hayden Quinn (right). (Credit: Instagram)

Hayden Quinn

MasterChef alum Hayden Quinn will be joining the competition. Clearly not as handy on the dance floor as in the kitchen, he claimed on Instagram that his dance partner “has the hardest job in the world”.

James Stewart. (Credit: Instagram)

James Stewart

Home & Away’s James Stewart “can’t wait” to show his fans the “exciting routines” he has been learning for Dancing With The Stars.

Julie Goodwin. (Credit: Instagram)

Julie Goodwin

Another MasterChef alum will be trying on some dance shoes. “I can cut an onion, but can I cut a rug?” the chef asked on Instagram. “All signs point to no.”

Lisa McCune (left). (Credit: Instagram)

Lisa McCune

Blue Heelers star Lisa McCune has been practicing hard for the foxtrot. “Spent my birthday dancing with the very lovely, talented @ianjwaite,” she wrote on Instagram. “Thanks for going easy on me fella!”

Ben Cousins. (Credit: Getty)

Ben Cousins

Former Australian Rules footballer Ben Cousins has also joined the Dancing With The Stars family for this season.

Ant Middleton (right). (Credit: Instagram)

Ant Middleton

He is an expert when it comes to the SAS course, but will chief instructor Ant Middleton know his way around the dance floor? His dance partner Alex has already said “this man can do it all”.

Nova Peris (left). (Credit: Instagram)

Nova Peris

Former Olympian and politician Nova Peris is already training hard before heading to the dance floor. “8hr days training training training,” she wrote on Instagram. “This season of DWTS will be epic.”

Samantha Jade (right). (Credit: Instagram)

Samantha Jade

She won X Factor, but can musician Samantha Jade win the Mirror Ball trophy? “Through the blistered feet, sore muscles and countless rehearsals – Gustavo (her dance partner) has been with me every step (literally 💃) of the way.”

Nadia Bartel. (Credit: Instagram)

Nadia Bartel

Model and former WAG Nadia Bartel is headed for the floor, revealing her dance partner Lyu has already been so “patient” with her through her many “failed attempts”.

Shane Crawford. (Credit: Instagram)

Shane Crawford

Another former Australian Rules footballer Shane Crawford is perfecting his pirouettes – and he is ready to “dance like no one is watching”.

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