Cornelia Frances: my desperate fight for life

'We're gonna fight it, by god I am.'

Cornelia Frances is one of Australia’s most legendary actresses, appearing on our screens for the last 50 years. The 76-year-old actress has starred on a game show or soap opera in every decade since the 70s, solidifying herself as one of our nation’s most prominent on-screen personalities. 

Now, the self-described TV ‘b***’ is fighting for her life as she battles bladder cancer. 

Starting off with slight discomfort and pain, a checkup revealed the worst. Cornelia’s cancer had spread to her thigh and back and the swelling from the tumour was so severe that it broke two ribs. 

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Speaking to A Current Affair, Cornelia, or ‘Corney’ as she likes to be called, is going to get through the biggest challenge of her life. 

‘It’s a hard road, but we’ll get there,’ she said. ‘I’m feeling fine, albeit what’s inside me.’ 

‘I’m really feeling ok. The pain comes and goes but you expect that. It’s par for the course. We’re gonna fight it, by god I am.’

Cornelia also thanked her fans for their love and support, saying ‘you haven’t heard the last from the TV b*** yet.’ 

A Current Affair
Cornelia on A Current Affair

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