BIP star Ciarran Stott divides fans with bold new look

Lush locks be gone.
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When you picture Bachelor In Paradise bad boy Ciarran Stott, you probably see two things: his mop of blond hair and his tattoos.

Well, that’s about to change, at least partly, thanks to a bold new look the 27-year-old has debuted that’s already dividing his fans.

WATCH: Bachelor In Paradise teases Ciarran’s secret

The reality star took to Tik Tok to unveil a daring new do, or lack there of, showing off his freshly shaven head which also revealed his scalp tattoos.

“Tell me what you think,” he captioned the clip.

And that’s exactly what his followers did, but it appears the crowd was split.

Ciarran had already chopped his long locks, but this take things to a new level. (Credit: TikTok)

And that’s exactly what his followers did, but it appears the crowd was split.

“It’s different,” one fan wrote before another added: “Not a fan sorry”.

At the other end of the scale fans said Ciarran looked “sexy with or without hair” and, in fact, the look “makes the eyes pop”.

Ciarran was shrouded in controversy during his last TV stint on last year’s season of Bachelor In Paradise.

When his ex, Renee Barrett, arrive in Paradise she dropped the bombshell that while Ciarran had been on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette he had been in contact with her.

Ciarran left the show after his grandmother passed away. (Credit: Ten)

Renee then went on to claim that Ciarran left the show, not because of the death of his grandmother as fans originally saw, but because he wanted to rekindle his romance with her.

The blonde Brit then found himself in hot water AGAIN when he was caught up in a love triangle with Jessica Brody and Kiki Morris.

Sounds pretty standard for BIP, right?

Jess and Ciarran had coupled on the show despite his secret deal with Kiki. (Credit: Ten)

Well, it turns out Kiki and Ciarran had coupled up *before* entering Paradise with a plan to rekindle their romance on air.

But, with Kiki arriving late, Ciarran had been getting cosy with Jess much to her shock.  

The shock revelation about Kiki and Ciarran’s secret plan was made after Jess had left Paradise, and she learnt the truth while watching on at home.

“Firstly, be single when you go on a dating show,” she said in a series of videos on Instagram as the episodes aired.

“I was not aware of pretty much any of this mess besides a few little things here and there. Despite that, Kiki deserved better.”

WATCH the clip from Jess’ rant below. 

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