Chrissie Swan slams Meghan Markle

The TV personality does NOT hold back.

Chrissie Swan has taken to Facebook to slam Prince Harry’s fiance Meghan Markle.

The Aussie TV personality wrote: ‘For some reason I still haven’t warmed to her.’

After wellness author Andi Lew questioned her controversial comment, she explained her ‘unpopular’ opinion. 

‘It’s her manner. She looks like she’s performing,’ she responded in the post. ‘To me she looks like she’s portraying a concocted humility. Acting.’ 

meghan and harry

Many fans were in support of Chrissie, with one writing: ‘I have reservations too. I’m not sure she loves the man as much as the role.’

Another commented: ‘OMG I totally agree. A bit fake.’

However, Andi defended the American actress and her royal hubby-to-be. 

‘Her and her fiance are a perfect match. They are in alignment with their higher purpose.’

Andi continued: ‘Everyone wants that kind of love, where you feel fulfilled on every level with someone. It’s divine.’

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