Chezzi Denyer reveals significance behind baby Sunday’s name

"It holds a special meaning to both Grant and I."
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It’s been a week since Chezzi and Grant Denyer welcomed their third child into the world and it’s safe to say the parents are head over heels in love with their little girl.

WATCH BELOW: Grant and Chezzi Denyer’s daughters meet their baby sister

The Family Feud host and his wife introduced Sunday Mary Mae Denyer to the world via Instagram on Friday and fans loved the adorable name.

What’s more, Sunday’s “S” name fits perfectly with the rest of the family – Grant and Chezzi are also parents to Sailor, nine, and Scout, seven.

It turns out that Sunday’s name is very significant and features some very sweet and personal details that Chezzi revealed to fans via Instagram on Wednesday.

“I can’t believe you’ve been here with us for one whole week…” she captioned a sweet photo with the littlest Denyer.

“Little Sunday Mary Mae Denyer. My heart!”

“I can’t believe you’ve been here with us for one whole week…” (Credit: Instagram)

The mum-of-three went on to say that she’s “always loved the name Sunday.”

“The girls call her Sunny for short. Given what a burst of love and happiness this baby represents for us, the name just seemed perfect. And she is like a ray of sunshine for us since being born.”

“Funnily enough our favourite day of the week to enjoy family time has always been Sunday.. ever since we travelled the road with Sunrise and Sunday was the only day we spent at home. It holds a special meaning to both Grant and I.”

Chezzi went on to say that her middle name Mary is a tribute to Chezzi’s grandmother Mary Rogers who she admitted she “adored.”

“I was super close to her and my Pa Ian when I was growing up. Mary or Nanny as I affectionately called her.. used to tell me the most hilarious stories while letting me eat Mars Bars – a real treat considering she had survived the depression and could make one BBQ chook last several meals for her family of 7!” she joked.

“She called me her little Cher-relski. She taught me how to cheat at card games.. She taught me how to laugh at myself. She had a wonderful sense of humour. I spent a great deal of time with them growing up. They adored me! I used to practice reciting poems and singing like Shirley Temple for them.. and sometimes we would stay up late and watch the 3 stooges together. Very special memories.”

Sunday’s name holds a lot of significance for Grant and Chezzi. (Credit: Instagram)

As for the Mae component of Sunday’s name, which many celebrities have been choosing for their children as of late, it turns out the moniker goes way back for Chezzi.

“Mae is a name that is from my ancestry that I only discovered during some research last year,” she shared.

“Going back many hundreds of years ago the name was given to some pretty special females in my family tree. Very pretty and I adore the different spelling..”

Chezzi ended her post reflecting: “One week here with us, yet feels like we’ve known her all our lives. Such a special little soul. I know I keep saying how full my heart is.. but I don’t know how else to describe how I’m feeling.”

Sailor, Scout and Sunday…what a trio! (Credit: Instagram)

In a recent update, Chezzi revealed that despite her challenging pregnancy, Sunday has been a model newborn.

“Maybe it’s our age or perhaps it’s just how you feel with a 3rd child?!?.. We’re loving and appreciating every single moment.. Even the 2 hourly feeds,” she jokingly captioned a photo of herself and Grant, admitting that they were indeed sleep-deprived. 

“And for all the grief she caused me while pregnant.. she’s absolutely making up for now. Sunday barely squeaks. She’s the most placid and perfect little baby. She’s just the biggest delight for our whole family. What a marvellous feeling.”

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