Sailor, Scout or Sunday? Chezzi Denyer shows off her identical looking girls

Simply adorable!
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Ever the proud parents, Grant and Chezzi Denyer are constantly sharing exciting new milestones as their little family continues to grow.

WATCH BELOW: Grant and Chezzi Denyer’s daughters meet their baby sister

Now, Chezzi has taken it up another notch and sent her Instagram followers into a baby-obsessed frenzy by sharing a sweet post, which shows a side-by-side comparison of her three daughters at about the same age.

From left to right, the post shows Sailor at 6 weeks, Scout at 7 weeks, and newest addition, Sunday, at an adorable 5.5 weeks.

“My 3 girls!” she proudly captioned the post.

chezzi grant denyer daughters
Pictured from left to right, Sailor, Scout and Sunday – all around the same age. (Credit: Instagram)

“A lot of similarities between them. They all have button noses!” she went on to write.

“Sailor had the most hair. It was a delicious strawberry blonde crop at this stage. Scout had the darkest eyes, in fact we didn’t know she had one brown one blue at that point,” Chezzi penned.

The mum-of-three also gushed: “Sunday has the fairest and daintiest features out of all of them.”

She added: “3 little healthy and happy girls, each with their very own special personalities. How very blessed we are!”

grant chezzi denyer baby
Grant and Chezzi welcomed their new baby girl in February. (Credit: Instagram)

The most notable similarities among the girls are between Scout and Sunday, who look near identical.

Fellow friends and fans took a turn to gush over the trio, with many commenting on how alike the two youngest Denyers look.

Em Rusciano penned: “Scout and Sunday are basically twins!!”

Lauren Dubois added: “Isn’t it amazing how Sailor and Scout look so much like them today. Like you can totally tell that’s them even though they’re so tiny!” 

Meanwhile, another user wrote: “So beautiful. Scout and sunday are definitely the same. Litttle sailor is like dad i think. The other two are all mum. Enjoy your little family.” 

chezzi grant denyer daughters
So cute! (Credit: Instagram)

Grant and Chezzi first announced the arrival of their third daughter on the 12th of February in an Instagram post, where they said they were “over-the-moon excited” of their brand new baby girl.

“She was actually born on Wednesday the 10th but we’ve been keeping it our little family secret, until her sisters Sailor & Scout were allowed to meet her this morning, once hospital Covid rules were relaxed overnight,” they wrote.

The proud parents even documented the moment when Sailor and Scout were first introduced to their tiny sister – both posting identical pictures and captions.

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